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...Without setting the display of the b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b to none, and even though its contents are not rendered on the page, the b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b will still take up space in the page, resulting in a big empty area. In order to avoid that, we’re hiding the b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b entirely with CSS. Now, suppose we have a Twitter icon in the icons folder. twitter.b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b might look something like this: <!-- twitter.b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b --> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b/1.1/DTD/b4de2a49c8svg118c94a2ed4b.dtd"> <b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b version="1.1... -5.7008999077306175 An Overview of SVG Sprite Creation Techniques https://24ways.org/2014/an-overview-of-svg-sprite-creation-techniques/ Sara Soueidan 2014
It is almost 2014 and fifteen years ago the W3C started to develop a web-based scalable vector graphics (b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b) format. As web technologies go, this one is pretty old and well entrenched. See the Pen yJflC by Drew McLellan (@drewm) on CodePen Embed not working on your device? Try direct. Unlike rasterized images, b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b files will stay crisp and sharp at any resolution. With high-DPI phones, tablets and monitors, all those rasterized icons are starting to look a bit old and blocky. There are several options to get simpler, decorative pieces to render smoothly and respond to various... -5.682417133067389 Animating Vectors with SVG https://24ways.org/2013/animating-vectors-with-svg/ Brian Suda 2013
...On the other hand, if smart scalability is what you’re after, it’s also possible to make all of an b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b’s shapes and motion scale with the b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b canvas itself. Sarah covers both these clever responsive b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b techniques in detail. Creative and complex animation can easily become responsive thanks to the power of b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b! Open video Bake performance into your design decisions It’s hard to get very far into a responsive design discussion before performance comes up. Performance goes hand in hand with responsive design and your animation decisions can have a big impact on the overall... -4.979730075945376 Animation in Responsive Design https://24ways.org/2015/animation-in-responsive-design/ Val Head 2015
...local('☺'), url('pictos-web.woff') format('woff'), url('pictos-web.ttf') format('truetype'), url('pictos-web.b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b#webfontIyfZbseF') format('b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b'); } This rather complicated looking set of rules is (at the time of writing) the most bulletproof way of ensuring as many browsers as possible load the font we want. We’ll now use the content property applied to the :before pseudo-class selector to generate our icon. Once again, we’ll use those multiple class attribute values to set common icon styles, then specific styles for .basket. This helps us avoid repeating styles: .icon { font-family: 'Pictos'; font-size: 22px... -4.460229255138014 Displaying Icons with Fonts and Data- Attributes https://24ways.org/2011/displaying-icons-with-fonts-and-data-attributes/ Jon Hicks 2011
...Our keyboard is actually an b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b picture of a keyboard, so we can traverse the elements of it and map each element to a sound generated by one of the functions that we came up with before. Array.from(b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b.querySelector('rect')) .sort((a, b) => + a.x - b.x) .forEach((key, i) => key.addEventListener('touchstart', sound(0.75, ease(harmony(freq(i + 48)))) ) ) rect {stroke: #ddd;} rect:hover {opacity: 0.8; stroke: #000} Et voilà. We have a keyboard. What I like about this is that it’s completely pure - there’s no lookup tables or hardcoded attributes; we’ve... -4.405466598668232 Feeding the Audio Graph https://24ways.org/2017/feeding-the-audio-graph/ Ben Foxall 2017
...The pictures can be animated, such as in this canvas mashup of Wolfenstein 3D and Flickr. (The difference between canvas and b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b is that b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b uses vector graphics, so is infinitely scalable. It also keeps a DOM, whereas canvas is just pixels so you have to do all your own book-keeping yourself in JavaScript if you want to know where aliens are on screen, or do collision detection.) Previously, you needed to do this using Adobe Flash or Java applets, requiring plugins and potentially compromising keyboard accessibility. Canvas drawing is supported now in Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The... -4.356126848442522 HTML5: Tool of Satan, or Yule of Santa? https://24ways.org/2009/html5-tool-of-satan-or-yule-of-santa/ Bruce Lawson 2009
...Here’s a page showing search results for b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b with facet counts calculated against both the year and the topic columns: http://search-24ways.herokuapp.com/24ways-ae60295/articles?_search=b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b&_facet=year&_facet=topic Every page visible via Datasette has a corresponding JSON API, which can be accessed using the JSON link on the page - or by adding a .json extension to the URL: http://search-24ways.herokuapp.com/24ways-ae60295/articles.json?_search=acces%2A Better search using custom SQL The search results we get back from ../articles?_search=b4de2a49c8svg8c94a2ed4b are OK, but the order they are returned... -3.6833393913363275 Fast Autocomplete Search for Your Website https://24ways.org/2018/fast-autocomplete-search-for-your-website/ Simon Willison 2018
...The software The projected visuals, I imagined, could be anything you can create within a browser, whether that be simple HTML and CSS, images, videos, b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b or canvas. The only requirement I have is that they move or change with sound and that I can mix any one visual into another. You may remember a couple of years ago I created a demo on this very site, allowing audio-triggered visuals from the ambient sounds your device mic was picking up. That was a great starting point – I used that exact method to pick up the audio and thus the... -3.677152746312101 Bringing Your Code to the Streets https://24ways.org/2015/bringing-your-code-to-the-streets/ Ruth John 2015
...Complex patterns that require a large number of gradients are probably better left to b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b or bitmap images, since they negate almost every advantage of this technique: they are not shorter they are not really comprehensible – changing them requires much more effort than using an image editor They still save an HTTP request, but so does a data URI. I have included some very complex patterns in my gallery, because even though I think they shouldn’t be used in production (except under very exceptional conditions), understanding how they work and coding them helps somebody understand the technology in much... -3.470831413764327 CSS3 Patterns, Explained https://24ways.org/2011/css3-patterns-explained/ Lea Verou 2011
...You may be wondering why you can’t just use a vector format such as KML, GeoJSON (or even b4de2a49c8SVG8c94a2ed4b) – and you can – but the issue is the same as for WMS: you need a way to query the data to get the correct area and zoom level. User interface There is of course never a correct way to design an interface as there are so many different factors to take into consideration for each individual project. Maps can be used in a variety of ways, to provide simple information about directions or for complex visualisations to explain large amounts... -3.17432205684481 Putting Design on the Map https://24ways.org/2014/putting-design-on-the-map/ Shane Hudson 2014
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